Interactive Cell Model




Introduction: Interactive Cell Model

Use this interactive cell model to learn new things about the cells that are all around us!

Step 1: ​Gather All Materials for Cell Model:


  1. Foam Ball -half and hollow and 3D
  2. Pencil
  3. Large Nail
  4. Cutting Knife
  5. Ruler
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Colored Pens
  8. Sticky Colored Labels
  9. Tape
  10. Small Square Box
  11. Glue Gun, Glue
  12. Wire Cutters
  13. Wire
  14. Spray Paint
  15. Scissors
  16. Cardboard
  17. Construction Paper
  18. Foam Knife

Step 2: Spray Paint the Half Portion of Foam Ball in Yellow (in Its Entirety).

Step 3: Cut Small Square Hole in Bottom of Foam Circle

Using foam knife, cut small square hole in bottom of foam circle

Step 4: Cut Cardboard Into Foam Circle

Using scissors, cut thick cardboard in the size of foam circle (to be used as a base under cell plasma membrane).

Step 5: Cut Yellow Paper

Using scissors, cut yellow construction paper in the size of foam circle (to be used as cell cytoplasm).

Step 6: Glue!

Using glue stick, glue the yellow circle onto the thick cardboard circle.

Step 7: Draw!

Draw all cellular components on different colored construction paper and cut out (Phospholipid Bilayer, Mitochondria, Golgi Apparatus, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes, Nucleus, Lysosomes, Cytoplasm, Cytoskeleton).

Step 8: Glue!

Using glue stick, glue all cellular components onto the yellow circle (which is the cytoplasm).

Step 9: Color!

Using colored pens, detail all cellular components.

Step 10: Punch a Hole Through Each Cellular Component

Using a nail, punch one hole through each cellular component.

Step 11: Cut Wire

Using wire cutter, cut 9 pieces of wire approximately 10 inches in length.

Step 12: Strip Off One and Half to Two Inches of Plastic Wire Covering From Each Side of Wire Piece

Using wire cutter, strip off one and half to two inches of plastic wire covering from each side of wire piece.

Step 13: Bend Wire

Bend one side of wire so that it has a small and flat oval-like in appearance.

Step 14: Pull Wire Through

Pull each wire through the hole in each cellular component until only the small flat oval copper portion is visible in the cell model.

Step 15: Label the Wire

Label the wire with tape and name of cellular component on the underside of the plasma membrane/cardboard (and unseen).

Step 16: Gather Wires

Gather all wires tightly together and pull through square hole of foam half circle.

Step 17: Hot Glue

Using a hot glue gun, glue the round cardboard (that has the yellow cytoplasm) onto the yellow half foam ball.


Connect one end of a MakeyMakey alligator clip to one end of a wire that is depicting a cellular component. (Repeat until all cellular components are connected to alligator clips.

Step 19: Connect Alligator Clips

Connect alligator clips on opposite end of wires to corresponding outlets on the MakeyMakey.

Step 20: Organize Wires

Using cutting knife, cut hole in lid of a small cardboard box and pull all wires through the hole of the lid of the box.

Step 21: Place Makey Makey

Gently place the MakeyMakey and wires in the box and pull all wires connected to the cell structure through the hole of the lid of the box

Step 22: Cut the Box

Using cutting knife, cut two small square holes on the very bottom of opposite sides of the box.

Step 23: Organize the Box

Pull the end of white wire through one of the small holes of the box.

Step 24: Red USB!

Pull the end of red USB wire through the other small hole of the box.

Step 25: Place Lid

Gently place lid with all wires onto the box - ensuring all wires are inside box.

Step 26: Instructions / Final Product

Write up and print out simple instructions for using the Interactive cell model.

Cut out and tape instructions onto front of box.

Cut out a small strip of yellow construction paper to be labeled with the corresponding URL and tape to back of box.

Step 27: Write the Audio Program

Record the audio file and convert to MP3.

Put together scratch coding blocks.

Inserted audio files into coding blocks.


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    5 years ago

    this is terrific but on the materials you didn't say you would need a makeymakey


    5 years ago

    wow!!!! this is absolutely a work of the arts!!!


    5 years ago

    You're bringing me back to 7th grade science :)


    5 years ago

    That looks great! I was never very good about memorizing all the different parts of the cell.