Introduction: Interactive Cloth Rack (using Raspberry Pi, Arduino Pro Mini and Bluetooth HC-05)

This is my first Instructable! So if I have made any mistake, please forgive me :)

The purpose is to give the customers a whole new experience when shopping.

Every vibration that customers make when they choosing the clothes by moving the hangers or take in/out the hangers will trigger the sensors to make a tune.

Inspired by the idea Piano Stairs with Arduino and Raspberry Pi by bonniee.

Thank bonniee so much.

Step 1: Materials

  • 1 Rasberry Pi
  • 1 Arduino Pro Mini
  • 2 Bluetooth HC-05 modules
  • 1 Vibration sensor module
  • Wire

Step 2: Set Up Bluetooth HC-05

Firstly, you need to pair 2 modules Bluetooth HC-05

You can see here, Bluetooth HC05- How to pair two modules

Note: If key pin is not present or not connected, instead they have an EN (enable) pin or WAKE UP pin which may or may not be connected to any pin just like the STATE pin. In that case you'll have to connect 3.3V to the 34th pin. (you can see 34th pin in the picture)

Step 3: Connect Every Things

  • Connect Raspberry pi and module Bluetooth HC-05 master

PI -> HC-05


5V -> VCC

Rx -> Tx

You can see pins layout of Piin the image (from
  • Connect Arduino and sensor

Arduino ->Sensor



Pin 2 -> DO

  • Connect Arduino and module Bluetooth HC-05 slave

Arduino -> HC-05



Tx -> Rx

Step 4: Code

Firstly, I think that you need to know some basic linux command, python

Extract the code onto your Raspberry Pi and run python

Sorry that I can explain more because almost deadline :((

But I will explain later :D don't worry.

My code rely on ideas from bonniee's project and then I have changed to fix with my project :D

Step 5: Show Time

Connect speaker with your Pi and .... yolo :v

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