Introduction: Interactive Glue Chess Pieces

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HI Guys !!! I like to play chess as most of us do...though the game is all about critical thinking and analyzing it is rather an interesting game every one should try, but at times it gets boring :P. So, one day I was thinking of how can I make this game interesting to kids as well as adults.....

So, here I have come up with replacing the traditional chess pieces to "Interactive Chess pieces" . These chess pieces are made out of silicon glue (hot glue) which is almost every DIY enthusiast have in their shelf. So, These interactive chess pieces change colors and respond to the game too.....

So, why waiting !! lets get started. :D

Step 1: Things and Tools Needed.

Tools Needed :

1. Hot Glue Gun

2. Silicon Glue Sticks ( few)

3. Cutter/Scissors/ Tweezer

4. Soldering Iron, Lead, Flux

5. Tape

Things/Articles Needed:

1. 3V button batteries (few)

2. BC547 Transistors.

3. LDR sensors


5. Plastic Chess pieces.

6. Plaster of Paris.

7. A small plastic box.

Step 2: Circuit Making

First the LDR circuit is made using the electronic components.

Step 1 : look at the circuit diagram and start soldering the resistor 3.3K ohms accross the transistors base and emitter pins.

Step 2 : Now solder the Red LED to 166Ohms resistors (near value resistor also works) an connect the same to collector pin of the transistor.

Step3 : Now connect the sensor LDR to complete the circuit. Once all the components are soldered test it as shown in the video.

Step 4 : Once tested connect the Blue LED in parallel to the terminals of the battery. thats it the circuit is Done.

Step 3: Mould Making

Once the circuit is done we start making a mould using the plastic chess pieces and plaster of paris.

Take a small plastic box and insert a plastic cover so that the mould can be easily removed.

Once the plaster of paris powder is poured into the plastic box, add some water to make it into a thick paste.

Once the paste of suitable thickness is formed take a plastic chess piece and gently insert half of the chess piece into it.

leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove the plastic chess piece. The mould isformed :D

Step 4: Making Chess Pieces With Hot Glue.

This is the final step of making the interactive chess pieces using hotglue

First the mould is obtained now using a hot glue a layer is formed and then the circuit is put into the mould.

Once the circuit is adjusted, more glues is filled into the mould and cooled for some time and later taken out from the mould

Similar step is repeated to form a complete chess piece.

These interactive chess pieces are fun to play with when the chess piece is in the game it glows as blue or green and when it is removed by opponent player it turns into red. have a look at the video. It uees the LDR when itis fallen. :D.

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