Interactive Module for Dyslexic Students (Intel IoT)

Introduction: Interactive Module for Dyslexic Students (Intel IoT)

An interactive module is being designed for dyslexic students to improve their auditory and visual skills by the use of interactive multimedia elements. The methodology uses infrared reflective sensors to recognise letters as an input for the words written by the dyslexic students, which are further, processed to make valid combination of useful words. The valid combination of words are accompanied by both image and audio of the corresponding word interpreted thereby improving the visual perception and auditory perception of the child respect.

Step 1: Components You Need

Step 2: Material Required to Make the Hardware Setup





5.Pie Chart (Refer the attached black and white image with 56 pie's)

Step 3: Code

Both the arduino and yocto environment of intel edison is used. The arduino environment helps to get the letters by using infrared reflective sensors and then that word is pushed from the arduino ide to the yocto environment in the form of text file. The python code is then executed and then it shows various combination of words, to get interactive GUI for the kid a kiwi based framework is used.

Step 4: Final Setup

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