Interactive Music Poster

Introduction: Interactive Music Poster

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This poster, not only can be viewed as a decorative painting, but also can be a novel music player, and can be a touchable interactive decoration.

Would you like to have such a versatile poster?

So today let us have a discussion about how to make such a Creative Poster!

Step 1: Prepare Internal Electronic Components

Piezoelectric ceramic is a kind of device that transforms vibration and voltage from each other,when the voltage acts on the piezoelectric Ceramics change, they are mechanically deformed with changes in voltage and frequency.

In order to achieve good vibration effect , we added a comparator to the traditional vibration sensor, when the trigger threshold is reached, it will directly output high and low level (TTL level), the analog output is still retained.

Vibration induction audio player module is based on the piezoelectric ceramic vibration sensor design, the board is equipped with an MP3 decoding chip, audio files stored in the onboard SD card, by sensing the vibration to switch to play the SD card audio files.

Step 2: Design and Make Posters

The poster size is 30*42cm,and we use MDF inner frame and professional canvas for high definition micro spray, such frame is not easy to deformation, painting is not easy to be affected by moisture discoloration.

Of course, the material of the frame canvas and the pattern of the poster are not fixed, you can prepare according to your idea.

Step 3: Add Songs

Audio files are stored on the SD card, and customers need to set the files according to the fixed format when copying new files.

First you need to create a new folder in SD, name it‘01’, open the folder, and copy the selected 12 music into‘01’folder. An audio file must be named with a three-digit number, the file names like 001+xxx, and 002+xxx in sequence.

Step 4: Install the Poster and Test

Install the sensor module on the poster frame with glue or tape, leaving a power cable outlet, and then install the backplane with screws.

Power supply voltage: DC 5V

After it is turned on, the product starts to play a song, which can be switched by tapping the poster or throwing light, soft objects such as paper or cloth at the poster.

Step 5: Case-easy Way to Get the Poster

If you're interested, go and make your own creative music poster.

Of course, now it is easier to get them from the link below. And you can customize it by telling us your thoughts.

Please find me on: OR

Any questions you can feel free to contact me. Of course, there are other interesting interactive devices waiting to be discovered in our store.

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