Introduction: Braille Power- Interactive Device to Learn Braille Language.

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Most of the Braille learning tools for Blind People or visually impaired are expensive, some even start from $1000 ,keeping this in mind I designed this portable braille learning devices which is low cost (<=$25) and helps to learn braille, This project is continuation of my Academic Project "

Both the projects together took around 2 yrs, which included Design,Development,Testing.

Currently this device supports 3 languages(Kannada,Hindi and English) and the Designed logic used in this program lets users to add any number of languages. The demonstration of this device is shown in the video.

Students and Teachers of Sree Siddaganga school for blind,Tumakuru,Karnataka and Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu were beta users and I received positive feedback on this project.

I'm not regular on Instructables, but I will try do respond to all texts and comments.:), For few months i had taken down the code,due to interest from a manufacturer who wanted to built and sell without profit, the agreement is not valid now,feel free to built and distrubute.

Step 1: Software Code & Audio Files

Make connections as shown in image ,load Audio Files into memory card.

Step 2: Setup

Make the Connections as Shown,

Parts List:

1. Arduino UNO/Nano

2.Speaker/Headphone. (Attach Capacitor to remove noise)

3. Memory Card Reader.

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