Introduction: Interactive Refracted Matrix Display

This is a simple Arduino project that uses an 8x8 LED Matrix and refracts it on a cut-up CD-case, this is just a test for future applications of the technique (faking holograms).


I fancied it up a bit by adding voice commands.

Step 1: The Parts

This is a list of Parts you will need:

- Arduino UNO (Yun wont work with voice)
- Android Smartphone
- 8x8 LED Matrix
- Micro- Servo
- Arduino Bluetooth receiver
- Breadboard, wires etc.
- Lego's
- A tiny bit of cardboard

You can get all the parts via any ordinary Arduino supplier, the Lego's is just a matter of if you have them laying around or not, otherwise just build another type of box.

Step 2: The Build

- Hook up all your stuff to the Arduino, all details for how to connect parts can be found on wiki.

- Upload the Code (provided in Arduino Code format)

- Download the Android Voice Reckognition App

- Connect to the Arduino Bluetooth receiver

- Issue commands!


- Build a box

- Cut up a CD-Case

-Stuff said CD-Case in Box in an angle to the Matrix


Im lazy, more detailed instructions still coming.


While uploading your code remove the RX en TX pins of your bluetooth receiver from your Arduino, this meddles with the uploading and causes it to fail (or more accuratley, keep uploading forever without giving notice since it doesn't know the pins aren't receiving properly).

Step 3: Result


Now your Matrix is refracted via the angled reflective material, now you can finally look at your matrix and not be blinded!