Introduction: Interactive Spanish Flashcards

About: I am a preschool through 8th grade Technology and Robotics teacher.

Create an Interactive way for Pre Reader students to practice Spanish using Flashcards, Scratch, and Makey Makey.


1 Makey Makey Board

1 USB Cord

6 Alligator Cables

1 Small Container of Play-Doh

1 Set of Spanish/English Flash Cards Available for free download at

Scratch Programming Environment

Step 1: Step 1: Configure Your Makey Makey

Connect your Makey Makey Board to your computer using the USB cable.

Connect one end of the orange alligator clip to the EARTH connection at the bottom of the Makey Makey Board. Leave the other end free for the student to hold and create a grounded connection.

Create 5 small balls about the size of a quarter with your Play-Doh.

Lay out your flashcards and place a Play-Doh ball at the top of each card.

Connect one end the remaining alligator clips to the up, down, left, right arrows and space on the Makey Makey Board and the other end to the Play-Doh balls.

Step 2: Step 2: Program Scratch

Open a browser and go to on your computer.

Click on the SOUND tab in the upper righthand corner to open the sound library.

Click the RECORD Icon at the bottom and record the Spanish Pronunciation for each card.

Return to the CODE tab.

Use the yellow EVENTS and WHEN PRESSED blocks to drag onto the stage for up, down, left, right arrows, and space.

Place the corresponding recording from the pink SOUNDS blocks for each alligator clip and flashcard.

Step 3: Test and Practice

Have the student hold the free end of the orange alligator clip to ground the circuit.

Ask the student to touch the Play-Doh balls and repeat the words they hear for practice.