Introduction: Interactive Wallpaper

Are you tired of a static image wallpaper for your laptop or desktop? With this instructable, a completely customizable wallpaper will be available to edit at your heart's desire. The drawback? You have to take the time out of your day to edit everything the way you want it to be.

The Wallpaper includes:

  • A Customizable Clock
  • A Customizable Audio Visualizer
  • Weather Widget
  • Rain and Steam effects
  • Different Fonts to choose from
  • Other small editable features

Step 1: Materials and How to Use Them

The Materials you'll need are minimal at best.

  • A computer with the newest version of DirectX (software that allows multimedia)
  • The file containing all of the necessary components included here

To open the interactive wallpaper, Wallpaper Engine features an "open from file" option in the lower left corner.

After clicking "open from file" select the file "index.html" out of the downloadable file containing the interactive wallpaper.

Step 2: Some Features of the Weather Widget

The Weather Widget is one of many customizable parts of this interactive wallpaper. Including exact pixel location of where you want the widget to be. Another feature is the customizable fonts, icons, and style of the widget itself.

Step 3: Preset Wallpapers

The Interactive Wallpaper features numerous preset pictures that can be used as your own wallpaper. In addition, you can upload your own images to have as your wallpaper. A feature of preset wallpapers that use a rainbow color scheme is the editable colors. You can change the colors of the rainbow, as well as make them cycle colors on your preset either forwards or backwards! This section also introduces rain and steam. You can change droplet size, rain intensity, and how much steam you want on your screen.

Step 4: Audio Tweaks and Visualizers

Along with the weather, colors, and images, another editable feature is the audio visualizer. A plethora of different visualizers are available, each having a distinct difference from the others. Some even come with variants that can be toggled via slider.

Step 5: Clock

The clock is just one of the many features included in the interactive wallpaper. Size, position, font, type, style, and even the numbers to customize the clock are available. This has to be the most in depth customizable clock for your wallpaper that anyone has ever seen.