Introduction: Interactive Weekly Calendar

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The Art of time management is give enthusiasm to make our live more meaningful
Start with simple thing, we know what we have should do tomorrow and what we have done today review it if our mission today, if not done yet so we need to sticky the plan to the left day we have

whatever we are, if we are student we can organize lesson schedule, if we are worker we can manage our time become more effectively, day by day will be full of work no time for trivial chat and our bos will see how good we organize our work. The last is if we are inside the group of work, even every person have a own task and responsibility, by means of information board, everybody will know about progress of works or somebody need some backup from the other person. With that way enthusiasm of communication in teamwork will inventive for finish the project

There is a lot of media information to keep us on the time, say that sticky notes, magnetic white board, and classic cork board.

Step 1: Start From Idea

This Time let us re-design Classic Cork Board become more interactive board

Before we get started, let us collect the idea of main function :

  • As Public board or information board everybody can see and follow up
  • Easy and free to Pin , what ever the paper we can pin on that board
  • Every paper that pinned have own alarm

How to make every pin have own alarm ? why not if we make cork board as electronic circuit board

Step 2: Main Board

Tools : Jigsaw, Double Tape

Material : Cork Board, Allumunium Foil

In this instructable we will create cut cork board in size 10 cm x 40 cm and 4,4x 40 cm (Will describe in the next step), this size is not fix we can create different size depend of the needs

This Cork Board have two layer, so we stick double tape to first layer full and second layer only top and bottom part.

Stick it Allumunium foil to the first layer with full size and then stick Allumunium foil with size 7cmx40cm stick it on the center second layer

The function of Alumunium foil is Ground layer in electrical environment, but this time we want to hide it between two layer of the board so now make a sandwich of cork board

Step 3: Special Pin

Tools : Jigsaw. Soldering tool

Material : 4 pcs Mini Led, 2 Pcs Buzzer, 6 pcs Cork Pin, Wire Cable (15 cm x 6 pcs )

Cut head of cork pin, and make a little path carved for put the foot of led and buzzer.

Solder it, one into pin crock and one to the wire cable

Dont forget to test it

Step 4: Title Board

We have cut cork board size 4x40 cm in the previous step

Tools : Drill, Screwdriver, small brush

Material : 7 pair of Nut,bolt and ring 4mm x10mm, textile tape

For the best making a hole by use drill, but is not necessary we have made by screw and push it by screwdriver.

Put screw nut and bolt as 5 volt Terminal alarm, use screw make alarm pin more have flexibility to plug or unlplug.

Make a sketch of font title and paint it

Assembly two part of cork board and glue together with textile tape

Step 5: Electronic Time

Tools : Solder

Material :

  1. Seven Segment Display : 1 Pcs
  2. Resistor 220 Ohm : 1 Pcs
  3. PCB board 15x40 mm
  4. RTC 1302 : 1 pcs
  5. Battery holder + coin battery 3v : 1 pcs
  6. Crystal : 1 pcs
  7. Wire cable : appropriate number pcs of needs
  8. Arduino Nano : 1 pcs

Follow Wiring picture and there is .ino file on attached for upload the program into micro controller (Arduino nano), we use timeAlarm library for run daily alarm, and the display only show the date and month.

With use small micro controller in the end we can hide on the backside of cork board

Step 6: Board Assembly

Tool : Solder, Screwdriver, Scissor

Material : 1 pcs Screw, 7 pcs Led, Paper Tape, Wire cable

Make a hole near text "day" by solder for put the led inside cork board, wrap positive foot from led with paper tape to prevent short voltage.

Connect positive foot of the led to the screw from the backside with wire cable, place one by each days.

For the ground foot of leds we wrap with Allumunium foil and joint every ground component.

Digital date and month display assembly to the front title board and screw it for make on position

Step 7: Cut Frame

Tool : Jigsaw, Sender, Wood Glue

Material : Small Nail

Lets make wood frame followed cork board size, and we can design it for hang it to the wall or for personal working calendar we can design to sit on the desk.

Assembly with the final cork board with the frame and lock i with small nail, retouch some graphic on board it is time to experiment our art imagination

Step 8: User Manual

This board need external power 5V from USB connector same like charging the mobile phone

and finally ......

Congratulation Interactive Weekly Calendar finish and wait for us to pin something on it

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