Introduction: Interactive Zine With Makey Makey

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Make a 'zine that triggers soundscapes and animations programmed in Scratch. Added bonus? Build a planar coil speaker directly into the book to play your sounds through.

This project was first made for a How-To Contest Makey Makey ran in 2013 and was formatted a little differently than this. This was a winning submission from Praxis.

Step 1:

Step 2: Make a Zine!

Step 3: Write Your Story

Across the six inside pages of your Zine-Fold Book, write a story (leave front and back for the cover).

Step 4: Draw Your Circuit in the Book

(Use pencil, following the red lines in these illustrations as an example.)

NOTE: Your pencil drawn circuit should look completely connected when you unfold the book, minus the gap noted below.

Step 5: Lay in Copper Foil Circuits

Use your pencil drawn circuit as a guide for where you are going to place the copper tape.

Step 6:

Lay in the rest of your copper tape into the book.

Step 7: Leave a Gap

Make sure to leave a gap between your copper tape pieces at the bottom of each page. This leaves the circuit open so that you can use your finger to bridge the gap. Your finger is the switch in the circuit.

Step 8: Check Your Zine Circuit

NOTE: Your Copper Circuit should look completely connected when you unfold the book, with gaps for switches.

Step 9: Connect the Makey Makey to Your Book

Using the image below as a guide, hook up an alligator clip wire to each “switch” section of copper tape at the bottom of your book (red circles), and one at the point at the top that is the “ground” (green circle).

Step 10:

Clip the single “ground” wire to the bottom strip of the Makey Makey Board labeled “EARTH.”(Green Circle)

Clip the other alligator clips from your book to each section of the Makey Makey Board that are the Keyboard Controls you set up in your Scratch program. (Red Circle)

Step 11: Connect Makey Makey to the Computer

Use the USB cable to connect the Makey Makey Board to your computer.

Step 12: Test Your Book's Interactions With Scratch

Open the pre-made Scratch project, found at: to test your book's interactions. Remember to use your finger as the switch to activate each page.

Step 13: Watch a Video of the Interactive Book in Action

NOTE: This interactive book also makes use of a planar coil speaker to play the audio directly through the book. See below for how to make the speaker.

Step 14: Bonus: Make a Speaker

Make a speaker for your zine!

Use this PDF as a guide.