Introduction: Interactive Box With Logo

Plastic box with logo which will change the color by using web page

Step 1: Idea

Create your idea!

Step 2: Materials

Buy everything what you need: plastic or wooden material for box, create logo, buy Sparkfun RedBoard, Adafruit NeoPixel Stick RGB LED, wires, cable ( to connect art board with computer)

Step 3: Plan

Build the box plan in vector programme, I used Illustrator. And save it in pdf format.

Step 4: Cutting

Use pdf file to start the laser machine.

Get our awesome and perfect details from plastic.

Step 5: Details

Connect Sparkfun RedBoard to Adafruit Neopixel Stick with wires.


5VDC to 5V

DIN to 3

Step 6: Coding Processing

Write a website page in processing program with nice background and 4 buttons which will change the color of our box's light. Using processing code for controlling our website.

Step 7: Coding Arduino

Then write a code in Arduino software. you have to insert the colors of each buttons in this coding based on what colors we have in our website. I used red, yellow, green and blue. Conect artboard with computer with cable. Run arduino code. Our 8 neopixels should light up. We use Arduino programm for control our board and color of neopixels.

Step 8: Finishing

Put everything in our box. Don't forget to make the hole in the back wall for the cable.

Step 9: The Result

This is how it looks when we close the top of box. For covering the artboard inside the box you can use paper to make it more good-looking.

Step 10: Video