Intercepting Paper Airplane

Introduction: Intercepting Paper Airplane

This paper airplane has some complicated folds but the end result is an airplane that has a too wide a berth to be a boomerang airplane but will "intercept" something that is directly in front of you.


Notebook paper works great, anything that is a rectangular sheet of paper.

Step 1: Nose Part 1 of 3

You make a crease in the center of the paper long wise then take the 2 top corners and them match them up to the center then take the top triangular part and fold it down as seen in the picture.

Step 2: Nose Part 2 of 3 (the Rabbit Ear Fold)

Copy the first two photos then when you are done with that, fold to the second picture again then take the off center corner and fold it to the right on the first crease made in step 1. The end result should be what's in the third picture.

Step 3: Nose Part 3 of 3 (the Squash Fold)

take the off center corner then fold it upwards. You should have what is pictured on the first picture. Then unfold that and open up the off center corner and push down on the crease you just made. You should now have what is pictured in the second picture.

Step 4: Wings Part 1 of 2

take the farthest right and left corner the fold them to the center of the squash fold the two corners have to meet up. Then tuck them behind the squash fold. You should have what is pictured in the second picture.

Step 5: Wings Part 2 of 2

fold the two sides and fold them backwards to match the first picture. Then fold the top flaps down leaving what is pictured in the second picture. the squash fold should be folded in half 90 degrees by the wings.

Step 6: Flight!

Hold the airplane over your head and throw it!

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