Introduction: Interchangeable Sustaining Grow System

With an overall housing module over every component mentioned on the drafted plans (picture of notebook) that is exactly 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm and clear to allow for monitoring, the system, which is comprised of "blocks" that can be moved and cleaned with ease due to the removable metal bars that hold the blocks to the grounding slabs and holds the plants and nurtures their roots with minerals dissolved in water that is fed from tanks in the upper corner and transported by main tubes that eventually branch out and lead to the plants themselves. The water would need to be propelled by pressure through the tubes due to the lack of gravity.

CO2(s) is allowed to sublimate and slowly warm up to the temperature and enter the chamber so that the plants have access to CO2, a necessary component for photosynthesis.

The installed ultrasonic humidifier would keep the chamber at a peak humidity of 50%-70%, depending on the species of plant being grown.

The mechanism used to hold the blocks in place would be a metal rod going through the grounding blocks AND the growing blocks accompanied by another bar to keep the growing block from flailing back and forth due to the lack of gravity.

Similar to the methods by which aeroponics work with a constant stream of water enriched with minerals being trickled on the roots, the tubes and systems would trickle water to the roots

Lights that promote plant growth would be installed on the back of the growing blocks and the electrical wiring would be streamlined like the tubes that provide water to the roots, meeting at the top and having one input.

*This device is only compatible with already sprouted plants, which is a limitation.

Step 1: Drafted Plans and Notes

*Refer to this photo and caption as the main blueprints for the system*

.stl file attached


-Pressurized CO2 for plants (to allow easier transportation)
-50%-70% humidity; controlled and operated by an ultrasonic humidifier that water is supplied from the main water tank [and pumped into the growing chamber that houses the whole growing system]. -tubes that slowly branch out like human arteries to the roots of the plants. -rows like an aeroponic garden -removable and on a track system in order to promote mobility, easy cleaning, and easy access.

Screw on and off mechanism that allows for customization.

note: A strip of LED grow lights should be attached to the back of each block. Plug should be connected to the main power source at the top.

Holes to put sprouted plant roots in. Addition: Mesh cup with a spiral (See bottom left corner) behind at a -45 degree angle to hold the roots, allow for growth, access to air and water, while still firmly containing the roots.

Pretty much the same thing as the one that runs on the z-plane (See below and to the left), just on the x-plane and NOT screwed to anything.

Small protruding strips that match up with the tracks to keep these in place.

Divots in that are negative to the two prongs on the bottom of the block. The holes depicted are there so that a thin metal [rod] could be inserted through the bottom block in order to fasten it securely. The bottom section can hold many blocks and should be secured to the ship.

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