Introduction: Interfacing ADC121C With Arduino Nano(I2C)

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Today I (Somanshu Choudhary) on the behalf of Dcube tech ventures going to control ADC121C device using Arduino , it is one of the applications of I2C protocol to read analog data via Arduino.

Step 1: Overview

  1. ADC121C021 is a I2C-Compatible10-Bit Analog-to-Digital convertor
  2. DATASHEET Link:
  3. This project measure voltage ranging from (1v to 5v)

Step 2: What You Need / Links

  1. Arduino Nano Link:
  2. I²C Shield for Arduino Nano Link:
  3. 1-Channel 12-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion Link:

  4. USB Cable Type A to Micro Type B 6 Feet Long Link:

  5. I²C Cable Link:
  6. Battery max upto 5 volts

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Programming


void setup() {

// I2C address of the ADC121C021

#define ADC_ADDR 0x50

// Join I2C Bus as master


// Start serial communication and set baud rate Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop()


// Begin transmission with given device on I2C bus


// Calling conversion result register, 0x00 Wire.write(0x00);


// Request 2 bytes

Wire.requestFrom(ADC_ADDR, 2);

// Read the bytes if they are available

if(Wire.available() == 2)


int msb =;

int lsb =;

// End transmission and release I2C bus


// Converting value

int rawADC = msb * 256 + lsb;

rawADC = rawADC & 0x0fff;

double volt = rawADC * 5.0 / 4096.0;

// Output to the screen

Serial.print("volt Value : ");





Serial.println("Not enough bytes available on wire.");


Step 5:

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