Introduction: Interfacing TM1637 Display Module With Arduino

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My this instructable is about interfacing TM1637 Display module with Arduino.This is Four Digit Seven Segment Display module.It comes in variety of colours.Mine is Red Colour.It uses Tm1637 Ic as encoder as the name of this module shows.It has four Pins which are used to connect it with arduino.It utilizes two digital Pins of Arduino,DIO & CLK PINS respectively.But in general four pins out of which two are Power pins 5v & Gnd Respectively.I am not a professinol that's why I can't write here that how it works like the bit gaming.

I will only tell how to use it with arduino.All sketch and libraries will be provided down below.

So Let's go <<<<<

Step 1: Connection

Connection is quite simple.Just connect power pins to power pins of arduino and other two to digital pins.

Vcc > 5v

Gnd > Gnd

CLK > Pin 2

DIO > Pin 3

AND its done<<<<<<<,,,

Now Connect Arduino with Your Pc to get done with Software part.

Step 2: Software Part

In this step we will do coding and add libraries.I have attached a zip folder just download it.It contains all files which are needed.Extract this zip folder.Open your Arduino Ide and go to Sketch>Library>Add.Zip Library and then just navigate to folder which you got after extraction of the downloaded zip folder.Select TM1637 Display.

And you are done with Libraries.

Now open Other Files in Extracted Folder.They all are examples which I used in my video.

You can start with any example you want.

Done !!!!!!

For Files Click me > DOWNLOADS

Step 3: Results

You can watch my video for detailed explaination.And also for Results.

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