Introduction: Interior Bike Rack for Rav4

I made this for my 2010 Rav4, but I assume it will work for all 2006-2012 Rav4s since they have the same body style.

I wanted to be able to stand up the bike inside (with the front wheel removed) so that I didn't have to worry about the possible damage or security problems of an exterior rack, but still have enough room left inside for something besides the bike. The Rav4 is a pretty small vehicle - what allows this to work is that the spare tire is mounted on the outside of the tailgate, which provides a cargo area under the rear floor, giving some extra interior height. It won't work in a 2013 Rav4, or a Forester.

The parts are:
Visible wood piece that rests on the fender wells.
Wooden stiffener that screws on underneath the visible piece.
2 front fork truck bed mounts.
     I used a "Delta Fork Block Pickup Bed Mount":
2 small barrel bolt latches
Screws and glue.

Step 1: What It Will Look Like

The rack attaches by sliding the barrel bolts into 2 holes drilled into the plastic interior panels (one on each side);  the holes are underneath the carpeted cargo deck lid, so they don't show. In fact, when you're not transporting a bike, the rack doesn't even have to be removed before putting the deck lid back in place.

If you're much taller than 5'8" the saddle will hit the ceiling, so you'll need a more complicated stepped structure that will allow the fork mounts to be positioned a few inches lower; but you can only go down a short way before the chain wheel will start to rest on the floor.

Step 2: The Beam

The visible wood piece is 7/16" x 2-1/4 x 38-7/8.
The stiffener is 3/4 x 1-1/4 x 36.
The only critical dimensions are on the visible piece: the 38-7/8" fits the car, and the thickness should not be more than 1/2" if you want to leave it in place when you put  the carpeted lid back in place.

I put a layer of wood glue on before I screwed them together.
Let's call this the beam.

Step 3: Positioning the Fork Mounts

Put the beam in place, resting on the fender wells.
Position it roughly front to back so that the handlebars will be in the tailgate door opening.
Take off the front wheel and clamp the fork mount to the forks.
Lift the bike into the car and rest the fork mount on the beam.
Slide it side to side until the handlebars are about an inch away from the plastic trim inside the tailgate door.
Mark the fork mount position. Repeat for the other side if you're setting it up for 2 bikes.
Take everything out and screw the fork mount(s) to the beam.
I used #12 x 1.5" flat head wood screws with finishing washers to attach the fork mounts.

Step 4: Positioning the Rack

Put the rack back in, resting on the fender wells.
Move the front seat all the way forward.
Lift the bike in and clamp it into the fork mount.
Slide it all the way toward the front, then close the tailgate.
Climb in and slide the whole thing towards the rear until the shift levers are about an inch from the inside of the tailgate.
Mark the position where the barrel bolts will contact the vertical plastic walls.
Take everything out and drill the holes for the barrel bolts.
>> I don't know what's behind that plastic panel, so I made sure the drill didn't go farther than the thickness of the plastic - especially on the left side with the gas tank filler tube.

Step 5: Positioning the Bike

If you angle the bike slightly, your passenger will still be able to recline his seat.

Step 6: Stowing the Deck Lid

When the deck lid is folded, it will fit nicely between the forks and the tailgate.

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