Introduction: Be Anonymous Online

The internet is not secure. The internet has (and always will) have hackers trying to steal your information. The NSA also always looks over your search history, texts, phone calls, ect. But just imagine for a minute. Not having to worry about a government looking at your every move. Well my friend you came to the right place. This Instructable will show you how to be untraced when texting, surfing the web and calling someone. So follow these few easy steps to get off the internet grid and make your own Internet 2.0.

Step 1: Overview

In this Instructable I will teach you how to use:

  • Serval Mesh
  • Open Garden
  • FireChat
  • Tor Browser
  • BitCoin

Step 2: Serval Mesh

Serval mesh is a great service to call and text. When you use serval mesh you don't need any internet connection and it works great. The interface is not the best but, it is a solid app.

Step 3: Open Garden

Open garden can be installed on a computer or phone. You can connect to other phones/ computers in the area. If one user has an internet connection it will be shared around the mesh network.

Step 4: FireChat

FireChat is an iPhone / Android app that allows you to join chat rooms with people in your area. This is a great app but there is no direct texting. All texts are public.

Step 5: Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a great browser to stay completely anonymous. This web browser will scramble your search results with other users to give a result of random numbers and letters. It is a great web browser and it is recommended very much.

Step 6: Conclusion

Follow all of these steps to make an internet 2.0. Some of these apps / services are not for everyday, but it is fun to experiment with. Enjoy your life off the heavily monitored internet!