Introduction: Internet Button - Simon

Simon is a game from 1978. The toy gives you increasingly long sequences of colors and, to succeed, you have to replay them back correctly.
This game is a great fit for the Particle Photon with the Internet Button shield. All the hardware you need is already there, it just needs a bit of programming.

Step 1: Internet Button

This is a simple project with no assembly. All you need is a Internet Button from Particle. That is really a Photon (microcontroller) with a shield (LEDs and buttons).

Follow the steps at to setup up your Internet Button. After this is done, you should be able to program it via the Particle web IDE, for simple things such as blinking an LED.

Step 2: Programming

I made the bulk of the code available as a community library, called Simon. Add it to your project, and also add the InternetButton library.

Then paste the following code:

#include "InternetButton/InternetButton.h"
#include "Simon/Simon.h"

Simon s = Simon();

void setup() { s.setup(); }

void loop() { s.loop(); }

Then deploy it to your device.