Introduction: Internet Celebrity Mirror


This is an everyday mirror of Internet Celebrity

Step 1: Cutting Wood

I didn't bring a photography tool when cutting wood.

Just like the size and number of sketches.


1. Extension cable (voltage and power off function)

2. Varnish

3. LED bulb (3W)

4. 10 sockets

5. Black piano paint sticker (4 * 4 feet)

6. Long and short screws

7. Switch

Step 2: Spray a Layer of Clear Paint

This step is to fill the gaps in the wood.

Step 3: Assembly

Put the front piece of wood on top, then determine the position of the bulb and do the action of fixing the lamp holder!

Determine switch position

Step 4: Paste Black Piano Paint Sticker

Black piano paint sticker is very hard and bad,can be fixed with screws!

Cutting the hole in the bulb.

The extension cord power is fixed behind the back and protected with wood!

Then install the mirror!

The mirror I chose is matched with the wood! So I can hold the mirror tightly.

Step 5: At Last

Final bulb and switch installation

Step 6: Finished Product