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Introduction: Internet: the Old Way

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Hello All today I will be showing you how internet was in the old days ;;) 
It's a simple "hack" that allows you to feel what old internet usage was like. It doesn't affect your computer in any way. It makes use of command prompt or your browser. I will be showing you both methods. But first you must be online( which you probably are) for this to work.
I know I'm typing in bold!

Step 1: Enable Telnet

Okay, now time to start:

Goto Start Menu===>Control Panel===> Programs and Features===>Turn Windows Features On Or Off (SideBar) then browse down to Telnet Client and tick the box. Close all the windows

The pictures are in order so Control Panel is the first picture and so on.

Now open command prompt.

Type (without quotes) "Telnet" (Pic 5)

If you have configured it correctly it should then say:  Connected to (Pic 6)
It will then bring up the 7th picture

Step 2: For a Browser

Once you have Telnet enabled you can also use your  browser by typing in the address bar
The cool thing about using you browser is that it's full screen and the writings green.

( Notice the favorites bar :)

Step 3: Make a User

Okay now once you are in on either your browser or command prompt type: "Newuser" it will ask you for a username.
Type a username. (I'm not sure what happens if you type a used username)
Hit enter it will the ask you for a password. Type a password. Make sure it 8 or more characters long.

Now it will say "your username" last login 0s ago

Type ? Read the commands. I'll give you the meanings of the basic ones: 
  • Zrun: Run a game
  • Starwars: watch an assci movie
The rest can be found out using 

Step 4: And Your Done

Well done your are done

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    6 years ago

    Actually, you can use BSD .net .free .everythygelse These are real Unix
    (developed by At&T Labs and MIT) Linux that case represented by
    flavour of Gentoo. Try these on Virtual Machine, existed for any OS now, be it M$ Win, Linux or iOS


    6 years ago

    Just use any flavour of Linux dist. There are super old and super new technology / logics )))


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well it is a good thing that you know you are typing bold :) Good Instructable and perfect explaining :) Thanks!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, This is the first instructable I have typed in bold It looks nice doesn't it?

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