Introduction: Interphone ESP8266 2 Components Only < 4$

I suggest you to open your door or building door remotely with WiFi, I do that because I'm bored to get my keys out of my pocket, and it's more fun and you win some time.
If you have any questions go comment, i will reply fast as possible.

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Step 1: What You Need

For do that you need 2 components

Step 2: Connections

Connect all components together like this :

Phone charger + to 5V Wemos

Phone charger - to G Wemos (GND)

SSR - to GND

SSR + to D5 Wemos

And connect the AC signal from interphone to SSR PIN 2/1

Step 3: Have Fun

Compile and download the code to ESP8266 with USB and for future upgrade use OTA :-)

Connect to you ESP8266 with giving ip address and control the door.

I know my code can be improved ( Timers ) avoid delay on "discret" function but I will do quickly and i would like to share with you.

I think i will improve this project to add the buzzer detect and control it, to do not disturb me nightly or too earlier.

And add the door magnet detector to enable/disable email when my door is open when i'm not here.

The old phone charger is behind the light switch :-)

Note : Sorry for my english, i'm french and my english is not 100% perfect.

Step 4: Optionnal - Widget on Android

To open the door even faster you make a widget who do the http request for you.

Download the Http Request Widget APP

And configure this your ESP8266 IP replace the by your IP.

On iPhone you can add a website in your home screen, do with /discret or /opendoor URL.

If you cannot connect to your WiFi network and you have a data plan with your mobile, you can configure a redirection port on your router, but be careful to expose your esp8266 because it can't handle alot of clients, and is quite dangerous. I suggest if you have raspberry use Nginx proxy and limit and protect with auth.

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