Introduction: Intex PVC Plumbing

I wanted to change all the pipes from Intex to PVC ones.

They are much cheaper, easier to connect non Intex things to, easier made to the size I needed,...

So I made the decision to finally do it.

I had some connectors for 32 tot 38 so I used these to connect all the Intex stuff to the PVC pipes.

The total project had a cost of around €200.

I had to buy 50mm ball valves, 50mm PVC, 50mm PVC connector pieces, PVC glue and PVC cleaner.

The other things I already owned.


Tools needed:

- PVC (50mm pipes, 90° pipes, connecting pipes)
- PCV cleaner
- PVC glue
- Sander
- Saw

Step 1: Cutting Pipes

I started with cutting off the original 38mm Intex tubes ends.
I noticed they almost fit the 50mm PVC, so I just needed to sand it clean and it fits perfectly.

Step 2: PVC Supplies

I bought a box with all kinds of PVC pieces.

I also bought PVC cleaner and PVC glue.

Step 3: Glueing Everything Together

When everything was sanded to size, I cleaned the PVC pieces and glued everything together.

I placed 50mm ball valves, so I could close every hole in the pool when adding new things.

Step 4: Almost Finished

When everything dried out we could connect it to the pools in/outlets.

Step 5: Finished

I cut everything to size, cleaned the PVC and glued everything together.

This is the result.

When opening the ball valves I noticed some leaks at the intex connectors, I used waterproof silicone the seal the leaks.

I have 2 pumps, one fast one connected to the skimmer and one slow one for the solar mats.
At the end of the solar mats I have added an external chloor dispenser, but it's not in the pictures yet.