Introduction: Star Wars Light-saber (Pool Noodle)-Prop #2

Hello everyone. Let me just start off by saying thank you all who have viewed my work and have shown an interest in them, and thank you for my Star Wars light-saber (Pool noodle)-Prop making 500 views. It means a lot, to know there are that many people out their that are interested in my work and to celebrate my Star Wars light-saber (Pool noodle)-Prop reaching 500 views, I am back with yet another star wars light-saber prop. Even more good news I have 2-3 more models on the way for you all. Now without further adue......lets get started 

PS: I know this will be similar to my last 1 and so will the other ones that are on the way, and you may be ask what's so different. Well, my new ones that i will be posting here and there will repeat. But I am showing you how to make/work with each different light-saber model thats out their, for each 1 is uniquely different in every way, shape and form. My task in all this is to show/help you work with each model. Depending on the 1 you may own or like to work with.

Step 1:

This is the completed light-saber. I found this nice green aqua and I thought wow, epic. The next picture is the light-saber model we will be working on today. I have know idea what jedi it belongs too. I think obi-wan from the very first star wars movie (a new hope)....Im not sure. but any woo, this is the 1 we will be working with

Step 2: Material

1 1/2 inch PVC pipe- 3ft
1 (5/15) drill bit
1 (3/16) drill bit
1 pool noodle
1 star wars light saber case
1 philips screw driver

Step 3: Step 1

K now that we got all our tools time to rip it apart. take a philip screw driver and remove all screws. after that, take your pliers and rip and brake all the plastic walls inside to make the light-saber smooth inside for the pipe to fit down insider. Be carful not to break/ruin the small pillars inside that go together for the screw to hold in too.

Step 4: Step 2

K now find out which end you want to work on your PVC. After that take a black marker and color the top of each pillar. Make sure you color it really good. after that, quickly put it on you pvc. basically color your pillars and stamp the PVC to find your points. the measurements from the bottom of the PVC and up should measure out- dote 1=2 3/4 inch from bottom. dot 2=1 inch from dot 1. dot 3 1 1/4 inch from dot 2. dot 4=2 1/4 inch from dot 3. onc you find your points, take your (3/16) drill bit and drill all the way through the PVC pipe at each of the 4 points. once that is done flip the pvc pipe over and based on the 4 holes drilled, take your 5/16 drill bit and make the 4 holes on 1 side bigger than the other sider. So basicallt side A has 4 3/16 drill holes and side B has 5/16 drill holes

Step 5: Step 3

Now take one half of the light-saber handle and match each side of the handle with the corresponding holes based on the size of the pillars inside the light-saber.

Step 6: Step 4

When you put it all together it will be a little tight to fit, for your holes might not be exactly dead on with each hole, but dont worry if you took your time and did it right they will fit. The trick is you to put one pillar in the hole and pull up and down and kinda force the rest of the pillars in. Thats okay if your have to for it will make more of a tight fit so your light-saber will never come apart in battle. So fit it all on,just add the screws put any color pool noodle you want on and your done.

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