Introduction: Bicycle LED Lights

This Instructable will guide you through the process of lighting your bike with LED lights. I get these lights pretty cheap on eBay and the biggest cost is batteries. I use a 12 volt rechargeable battery, but you can use other configurations. The video posted above is a quick guide to lighting your bike and is a preview of sorts.

Step 1: Preparing Your Parts

Tools Needed:
Scissors (to cut the inner tube)
2. X-Acto Knife (or a sharp knife)
3. Soldering Iron (optional, to attach alligator clips to the battery))
4. Zip Ties  (optional, to secure the LEDs to your bike)
5. Bike Bag (under the seat is best)
6. Wire Stripper(or a sharp knife)
7. Inner Tube (optional)
8. Alligator Clips (optional)
9. LED Lights (remote is optional, yet more fun) eBay Link
10. 12 Volt Battery (several options) RechargeableAA Battery Holder
11. Razor Blade
12. Safety Glasses

I am providing a detailed list of items that I used. You can do this project with much less. You might not need to strap zip ties or inner tubes to your bike to hold the LED wire, for example.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

1. Unroll your LED strip and get a rough estimate of where you will be sticking it to your bike. I ran my strip underneath the bike's lower tube and under my bike rack so it didn't blind me as I rode. It illuminates my fenders and the road nicely.
2. Test the LED strip to make sure it works, by plugging it into your battery source.
3. Peel the 3M tape backing and start sticking it to your frame starting under the seat. Leave room on the seat bar for future seat height adjustment and to reach your bike bag.
4. Use the zip ties and inner tubes to hold the strip in place so the backing has time to adhere.
5. Strap the bike bag (which holds your battery and remote) to your seat.
6. Depending on which battery configuration you use, you will need to attach the battery to the male adapter.
  a. Using wire strippers, remove about a 1/4 inch from all four ends of the battery wire and male plug.
b. Solder the two alligator clips to either the battery or male adapter, it doesn't really matter which.
c. Clip the battery to the male adapter plug and stuff it into the bike bag.
a. Strip the ends to expose the wires about a 1/4 inch.
  b. You can either solder to the male plug or twist the wires and wrap with electrical tape.
c. Removing the batteries will act as the off switch.
7. Cut the wire strip to size with your razor blade. You will need to cut is a the copper junction point, as shown in the 6th photo.
8. Stuff the components into the bike bag and you are ready to roll.

Please feel free to message me for any additional help with your project.

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