Introduction: Subtitle a Movie

 One of the most helpful ways to learn English is watching movies with an English subtitle.   So, if you have the movie and the subtitle file (separate) you can watch it easily.  But that’s only on a PC.  So, what if you want to watch it on another device like your mobile, TV, IPAD, PlayStation…..etc.?  In this case you have to combine the video with the subtitle to make them in one video file.  So, here are a few easy steps to do this process using a free program called "Format Factory"

Step 1: Tools

First of all we will need the following:
1- Movie without a subtitle
2- Subtitle file ( is a great website for subtitles)
3- Format Factory program (

Step 2: Run "File Factory"

Open the program by a d double  on the program icon (after installing)

Step 3: Chose the Video File Format

Chose the video file format from the list on the left

Step 4: Add the Movie

Add the movie by clicking "Add File"

Step 5: Output Sitting

After adding the movie click "Output Sitting"

Step 6: Add the Subtitle

Click the spotlighted mark to add the subtitle file.  Then click "OK"

Step 7: Preview

Click "Options" to preview.  Then click "OK"

Step 8: Ready

After adding the subtitle to the movie and the preview click "OK"

Step 9: Start the Process

Click "Start" to begin the process and wait until it ends

Step 10: Get the File You Create

After the program finishes the process click "Output Folder" to get the file you create

Step 11: Finally

And now you have the movie with the file format you want and subtitled. So, these are the easy steps to subtitle any kind of video to any video file format to watch it where you want.