Introduction: How to Make a Ninja Star Out of Notebook Paper!

  • Making a ninja star from a sheet of paper is really simple if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Get a Sheet of Notebook or Printer Paper.

Step 2: Making the Square.

  • Take one corner of the triangle and fold it over until it meets he opposite edge, forming triangle.
  • You should have a triangle and a rectangle portion left over after you complete this.
  • Remove the rectangle piece by cutting or tearing it.

Step 3: Fold Your Square in Half.

  • Make a vertical fold in the square you just made. ( Hot dog style )

Step 4: Making Rectangles

  • Take your square and cut or tear along the crease you just made creating two rectangles.

Step 5: Fold the Rectangles (Hot Dog Style)

Step 6: Fold the Rectangles (Hamburger Style)

Step 7: Cross-Fold the Rectangles.

  • Take one of the rectangles and grab the upper right corner of the piece of paper and fold it down to meet the middle crease.
  • It should make a backwards "R" shape.
  • Now take the lower left corner and fold it up to the middle crease.
  • Your paper should now have a "Z" shape.
  • After you complete one rectangle do the opposite for the other rectangle.
  • The rectangles should mirror each other as shown in the image above.

Step 8: Flip the Shapes Over.

  • When you flip the shapes over they should make two squares with a parallelogram in the middle as shown in the image above.

Step 9: Fold the Top and Bottom Squares of Both Pieces of Paper Inward for Make a Triangle.

  • Fold the outermost corners of the squares and fold them diagonal to make a triangles.
  • After you do this you should have a shape that has two triangles separated by a parallelogram.

Step 10: Fold in the Triangles.

  • Fold in the triangles over top of the parallelogram in the middle.
  • You should now have two parallelograms.

Step 11: Flip One of the Shapes Over.

  • You should now have two parallelograms facing the same way.
  • Your top shape should have the flaps facing downward.
  • Your bottom shape should have flaps facing upwards.

Step 12: Open the Flaps of the Bottom Shape.

  • Rotate your bottom sheet so it makes a "Z" shape.
  • Place the top shape on the bottom shape.
  • Open the flaps of the top shape.
  • The top shape's flaps should be facing away from you.
  • The two shapes should be perpendicular to each other.

Step 13: Tuck the Flaps of the Shapes Into Opposite Pockets.

  • Take the tip of the bottom shape and tuck it into the top shape's pockets.
  • Then apply pressure to the edges to create a crease that hold everything in place.

Step 14: Flip the Figure Over and Repeat the Process Again.

  • As you start fitting the traingles into the pockets, the ninja star form will begin taking its form.

Step 15: Ninja Star!!

  • You have sucessfully made a ninja star.
  • Feel free to create designs to add your own style to it.