Introduction: Project : Red Dot

For this project "Red Dot" i made a MoSCoW list that contains all the functions that it :

Must have

Should have

Could have

and Won't have

the project is a basic lens with a laser pointer that points in the middle of the lens.

It also has a scope that can be fliped on and off behind the Red dot sight. (the scope is still optional)

Step 1: Design

  • Scope Base :
  • 17,0 x 5,0 x 0,3 base.
  • 5,0 x 5,0 x 0,5 secundary base.
  • At 7 cm ther is a lock mechanism with an opening for a wedge.
  • 1,3 x 0,7 cm with an 0,9 x 0,3 gap.
  • The glass holders sould be adapted to what kind of glass or plastic you put inbetween them.
  • i used the following lengths :
  • 0,7 x 0,6 x 4,0 cm. with an 0,3 x 0,4 cm gap.
  • for extra stability and reinforcement i used extra blocks on the side.
  • Logic Box :
  • 17,0 x 5,0 x 2,8 cm box.
  • The walls are 0,4 cm.
  • The compartments are 5,0 x 4,2 cm.
  • Extra Base :
  • 11,0 x 4,8 x 0,3 cm basis.
  • The wedge itself is 1,5 cm high with the point cutoff at 0,3 cm.
  • The wedge base is 1,0 x 0,31 x 0,3 cm.
  • At 7,25 cm on the side ther is an wedge that is ment to lock into the Scope Base lock mechanism.

Step 2: Cirquit

The cirquit is a LDF650-1-12 laser in series with two 1.5 V AA batteries.

This laser does not require a resistance in front of it.

Step 3: Building

  1. I used Autocat for the design of the project, and used CURA for the 3D printing
  2. I drilled a hole trough the Scope_base so the laser can go trough it
  3. i glued the laser to the bottom of the Scope_base at the same angle as the hole
  4. I drilled a hole in the logic box for the hinge screws (m3) and the on/off button
  5. I drilled a hole into the extra_base for the hinge screws (m3)
  6. I solderd the wires from the laser to the button and the battery pack
  7. i put the batteries and wires in the logic_box, mounted the hinge and closed it with the scope_base
  8. i melted te plastic from the logic_box and Scope_base to make it stick together
  9. i mounted te extra base to the hinge
  10. i put glass pannel were the lens holder is

The files i used for autocad can be re-format to .stl files to use them in CURA.

Step 4: The Product

The finished product :

This is the final prototype (I din"t have enough time to make beter versions)

Some improvement points :

  • Modefie the design so the hinge fits the scope_base
  • Traditional round scope can be added on top of the extra_base
  • the laser can be placed on a difrend angle so it is more visable under other light sircumstances
  • the glass pannel caan be made another collor so the dot is more visable