Introduction: How to Fix/clean a Clogged Faucet

This is my first instructable so try to bear with me.  If you have ever noticed a decrease in the flow from a sink it could be due to mineral buildup in the faucet head.  This is a simple and relatively cheap method for cleaning it out.

- Vinegar
- Plastic Bag (like a ziplock or sandwich bag)
- Toothpick or Pin
- Rubber Band (The ones from asparagus and broccoli bunches work great)
- Pliers or a wrench
- Q-tips

Step 1: Step 1

Place rubber band around faucet tip to prevent damaging it.  Use the plier or the wrench to gently loosen and carefully remove the tip.

Step 2: Step 2

Carefully disassemble the tip.  WARNING: there can be lots of small pieces so pay attention to how they all fit together.  Also, don't lose them either.  Place them in the plastic bag and add vinegar until the pieces are submerged.  Some of your pieces may be rubber rings, those you should not place in the vinegar, it can be washed with water and a bit of rubbing. 

The vinegar dissolved some of the mineral build up so let that sit for an hour or so.  Your timing will depend on how much buildup your pieces have on them but an hour is a good place to start. 

Step 3: Step 3

While the pieces are soaking you can use one of your Q-tips to clean the inside of your faucet.  If you find there is also mineral buildup inside there, you can rubber band a bag with vinegar to help dissolve some of that mineral build up as well.

Step 4: Step 4

After the tip has soaked you can remove it from the vinegar.  I simply crack the seal and drain the vinegar out so I don't lose the pieces.  Using the toothpick or pin, clean out the mesh and the pieces.  This part is important because the vinegar bath will only loosen some of the deposits and a bit of elbow grease will knock the other bits off.  Make sure to check all the holes in which the water flows so you clear open every pathway. If for some reason you are having difficulty with some spots, you may try soaking that piece a bit longer.

Step 5: Step 5

Rinse the pieces and carefully reassemble the nozzle.  Screw the tip back onto the faucet you are done! Hopefully you will notice an improved flow and cleaner tasting water.

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