Introduction: Intro to 180 Servo Mouse Toy

the cat swinger is a mechanical cat toy that swing a mice attached to the servo, which swings it like a pendulum. the swinging of the mice when the cat hits it will trigger the motion senor in front of the mice. the design of the toy is that it will be place on top of a table or anything that is above the ground, and the string will over hang in jump reach of the cat.

Step 1: The Circuit

There are four component in this circuit, the main one is the arduino, the second is the motion senor, servo and the last one is a button.

The motion senor is connected to pin 10 and 9.

Servo motor is in pin 8.

Button is connected to pin 7.

For the motion senor and the servo, they are connected to the power on the arduino. the button is only connected to pin 7 and the ground pin.

Step 2: Making the Box to House the Circuit.

1. To make the box, you only need one sheet of cardboard, of form poster board. the height of the box may vary. depending on how high you want the toy to be.

2. The width of the sides will be the same though out. in this case, we will proved the default instruction if you wish to make it.

3. The inner diameter of the box will be 8x5 cm, the outer diameter doesn't matter depending how thick your material. for the base, leave a 1 cm more around the outer box.

4. Place the motion senor on the bottom left of the box, track the two circles, then cut them out making sure cutting within the line, making a snug fit.

5. For the bottom, cut a square on the top right on the opposite side of the motion senor, then cut another square for the power cable.

6. On the same side with the motion senor, cut a rectangle on top of the box to fit a servo making sure its facing the front, the servo case should be flush with the box.

7. Cut out a square to close the top of the box, the lid should be the same measurement of the box, making a flush surface around the box.

8. for the last step, get a small and light cat toy, tie it around the servo and have fun with your cat.