Introduction: Griptape Design Cutouts

Hello All. I've been wanting to create a tutorial and Skateboard grip tape art for sometime now. Skateboarding is all about expression. What better way to express yourself than to throw some art on your deck? I'm here to teach you an effective way to create a nice two tone effect with a design of your choice on your board using stencils and griptape.

The first thing you want to do is pick an image. Naturally, it can come from a number of places. You can choose to design your own image and put it on the board or you can take a design from somewhere else. if you don't already have a source in mind, the internet is a great place to look for almost any image you can think of. For the purposes of this tutorial, I shall being using an image I borrowed from the band Killola ( Listen to Killola!!)

- 2 pieces of different color griptape (specifically I use Black Magic and Black Widow Clear color griptapes)

- 1 sheet of printer paper (You can choose to use transparency paper if you choose)

- 1 file folder or oaktag paper

- Razorblades

- Pen

Optional Materials

- Ruler

- Xacto Knife (for more precise cuts)

Step 1: Image Selection and Cutting

After choosing your image, print it out on piece of paper. Use your razor to cut around the image. You may have to get creative and make bridges for any islands in the image that you want to keep for the stencil. when you're finished Your image will look like the image provided

Step 2: Copying Onto Oaktag Then Applying to Backside of Grip

Once you're done with that, use your pen and trace the outline of the image on the oaktag paper. The Oaktag's is stronger material will not bend as you trace it onto the underside of your griptape and will make it so you can use the stencil longer than you would be able to without the risk of tearing and degradation.

When that is done you're ready to take the image to grip tape. Since you are drawing your stencil on the underside of the griptape, make sure to appropriately flip your image so when you turn it back around on the right side it comes out the way you want it to. Placement is really up to you, just make sure the image is centered enough so when you apply the grip to the board it doesn't fall off the side. Stencil both pieces of grip tape and use your razors again to cut along the lines of the design. It may to easier to scrape the outline with the blade and then do a once over to finish the cuts. Save the fragments which you cut out of the 2nd grip as they will fill in the cuts from the first sheet. When you're done with this, you're now ready to start gripping the board.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Everyone has their own method to gripping decks, so grip yours, make sure your image is flat where you want it on the deck and start cutting. Once you're done with that, place the fragments of the other griptape into the outline you've made on the board. If it doesn't quite fit properly, use your razor to carefully cut them so they do fit. file the pieces into each other with excess griptape and voila! It's an easy and effective way to put a little flair into your board