Introduction: Introducing Flamewheel – a Reliable Educational Robot

Our latest robot is an agile, two wheeled educational robot that we have dubbed “Flamewheel”. With laser cut linden wood construction and based around a Romeo BLE mini (A tiny Arduino microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth 4.0) it certainly is a reliable little bot.

Step 1:

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s put it to the test: let’s turn it in to a real Flamewheel robot!

Disclaimer: Fire is very dangerous and should not be played with. Do not try this at home. We are professional engineers and know exactly what we are doing.

Step 2:

The Flamewheel robot uses two wheels with independent motors to drive around.

Step 3:

We soaked the wooden wheels with lighter fluid.

Step 4:

And then we set it alight! How’s that for a Flamewheel?

Step 5:

We left it burning for 3 minutes and it still runs fast like nothing happens!

Here is the video!

Step 6:

As you can see, DFRobot’s Flamewheel is reliable, even when it is on fire.

DFRobot Flamewheel is a reliable education tool that helps you learn about electronics as well as mechanical principles. Assemble the kit, program it, and use your smartphone as a remote control. If it can survive fire, it can survive anything!

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