Introduction: Introducing the Instruct-a-table

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A portable table and case to take almost anywhere with enough supplies and tools to get you started on your next Instructable. (I like play-on-words, that's where the name came from).

Step 1: The Table Part

For my Instruct-a-table I used an old worn out, folding walker frame that I got at a yard sale. The top is a sheet of aluminum with a shelf bracket attached to it. I used a 3/4" conduit clamp to attach it to the walker frame. A wing nut was used with the bolt so it can be easy taken apart for transport.

Step 2: The Instructa Case

I used an industrial type "Jelco" brand case which measures 18 x 15 x 7 inches, it is a hard sided case made out of some kind of really tough plastic. Phone companies in Canada have been using boxes made by them for years as installers tool boxes. The case is what I had on hand, use what ever you have, that suits your table / base.

It is a divided into two large and one narrow sections.

I have also used a tool pallet for the hand tools I've included in it.

Step 3: Tools

Digital Multimeter, vice grip pliers, small Cresent wrench, wire strippers, one of many styles of clamps, wire former I left this one in the package so you could see what you can do with it, needle nose pliers, multi bit screwdriver, sanding block w/ metal sand paper, spirt level, larger screwdriver w/ AC voltage detector, hammers, small saw that would fit in the case, cordless drill with drill bits and driver bits assortments, small pry bar, LED lamp with clamp. Not pictured, Scissors.

Step 4: Measuring and Writing Tools

A ruler and a tape measure, lumber crayon, carpenters pencil, pocket size ruler with sliding clip to measure depth with, framing square w/ angle measuring capability, note book, permanent markers and pens, small tablet for research and pictures and a separate digital camera as well.

Step 5: Fastening Material

Heavy Duty Double faced tape, non smelly glue / caulking, glue gun. Nails and screws would be added depending on the project.

Step 6: Safety and Cleanup

Safety Glasses, leather and disposable gloves, reusable ear plugs, wet wipes.

Step 7: Presenting the Completed Instruct-a-table

Sitting on the stand, open shot with tool pallet in lid, interior shots, tablet, luckily it fits with the notebook in the narrow middle section.

Loaded as shown it weighs around twenty pounds, with the walking frame and table top adding about another five pounds.

It is easy to transport for use indoors or out, at school or your favorite summer vacation spot.

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