Introduction: How to Make a Model of a Pokemon City

This instructable shows how to create a miniature model of a Pokemon city from HeartGold or SoulSilver. It will say how to make individual pieces, but it is up to you to find out the layout of the city you will try to make. This does NOT show how to make a specific city, it only shows the buildings, ground, etc. Enjoy!

Step 1: Buildings

The buildings are basically what actually makes a town look like a town. This only shows how to make the Poke Center and the Poke Mart, but you can use the same method to make the other buildings.

POKE CENTER (Top half of picture):
The first image is basically a cube of styrofoam. I just trimmed the corners so they had a slight curve and extruded the door.
Then I wrapped painter's tape around the bottom and spray-painted the roof a nice Marachino Cherry red. Then I removed the painter's tape, wrapped a silvery tape around it, added electrical tape stripes, and glued on the door and the windows up above the door. I just printed out light blue shapes.

POKE MART (Bottom half of picture):
Basically, I just followed the same steps as the Poke Center, but with a slightly different design. The little overhang of the roof is important. It makes it look like the one in the game. The key difference is the sign. For that, I cut up a block of styrofoam into 2 in. wide by 1 in. tall by 0.5 in. thick. I stuck a straw into it for the post, and then glued on a small blue sign like the one in the game.

Step 2: Fences

Now, I will show you how to make picket fences. First, you cut off one end of at least two toothpicks. Second, mark out two rectangles. Each segment is an inch in length. If your fence is five squares long, make it four inches. You get the point, right? Cut out the rectangles, and make sure they are seperated. Now take a piece of double sided sticky tape and cut it in half. Up next is assembly: take one of the rectangles you cut out and tape it to the toothpicks at one inch intervals including the beginning and end of it. Now put the other rectangle on. Make sure that it sticks, and you're finished! Now just put each post into the center of a square. This fence CAN bend, so you can make one long fence segment and just bend at the corner!

Step 3: Groundcover

Groundcover refers to grass, sand, pavement, and all of the stuff that you walk on and covers the ground. Pokemon is based on a grid system: you can be in square 1, square 2, or square 3, etc. I took advantage of this and am using 1x1 squares as my grid system. First cut out a 1x1 square of 0.25 inch styrofoam. Now figure out what terrain you are making: flowers, grass, or sand/path. If it is grass, glue on a 1x1 square of green paper. For sand/path, glue on a 1x1 piece of sandpaper. For flowers, you can just take a grass square and glue on construction paper bits in yellow, red, purple, etc. For asphalt, just glue on black paper.

Step 4: Rocks

Rocks are commonly found on beaches, trails, and everywhere you go. To make a rock, use a 1x1 styrofoam cube. Then make it look rough, but have it in a jagged dome shape. Then spray-paint it brown and you're done. Simple, right? For bigger rocks, use 2x2 cubes.

Step 5: Miscallaneous

There are lots of other things in Pokemon. I've just showed the basic parts. For example, I didn't mention trees like the ones that you can use the move headbutt on. For those, get styrofoam and shape in a cone. Then glue onto a cylinder. Spray paint the cone green and the trunk brown and you've got a tree. For pokemon, you have to have an artist's touch. Shape the pokemon out of styrofoam, then find a way to paint it on there. Remember, I've just shown the basics. Be ingenuitive, and you can make ANYTHING from the game! Now, all you have to do is put together a city from the game, and you've got yourself a realistic model! challenge

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