Introduction: Supercharged Remote Control Battery Hack

About: Electrical Engineer

This instructables shows how to convert your remote control car to use one rechargable and long lasting battery. This less expensive retail store bought model uses 6 AA batteries that require constant replacement. This instructable can be applied to any remote control car the only variation being the voltage, addressed in another step.

Step 1: Disassemble

Disassemble vehicle and expose control board or internal battery terminals.  The main internal battery terminals are below the circuit board on the back of the battery holder.

Step 2: Solder Wires to Battery Terminals

Locate the main battery terminals either on the board or on the vehicle battery holder.  All of the AA's connect positive to negative in series.  Locate the beginning point and ending point of the series.  Solder a long wire to the each of these two points.

Step 3: Reassemble and Choose Battery

Reassemble body and drill hole for battery wires.  Solder battery connector that matches the connection type of the new battery.

Rechargeable batteries vary in voltage, current, type and size.

This particular RC truck used 6 AA batteries which means that they control board has voltage regulation and circuitry engineered for 9V.  The servo and motors are also designed for 9V.  AA batteries are 1.5V.  1.5V x 6 = 9V.  A 8V NiMH was chosen for this application.

Step 4: Attach Body

Secure the battery and reattach the body.