Introduction: Home Made Rc Hovercraft. Powerful

this is my hovercraft built out of rc car parts
it is very simple to make and performs amazingly
on a rough conctete surface this does an average of 30-35 kmph

Step 1: What You Will Need

sheet of card board(i used honey puffs box)
plastic shopping bag
a big piece of foam/ polystirene
a motor of you choice (i used 5800kv motor)
a prop that is rated for the motor
an esc with the sane amps as your motor( i used 25amp esc)
a micro servo
2 channel tramsmitter and reciever
2 cell battery and charger
hot glue gun

Step 2: How It Was Built

first i made a rectangle base about 15mm thick then i laid the base on a plastic bag and pulled it tight around the edges of the base so that one side it covered in the plastic bag and then glued it then cut out a rectangle in the bag to let air escape as shown in the photo. next i covered the other side with card board so there is a good surface to glue all the electronics onto

Step 3: Finished

now all you have to do is make a duct for the air to get fed into the skirt it is as simple as using cartboard and make sure that the motor mount is really solid so there is not to much vibrating

Step 4: Video and Hover Height

thankyou for looking at my hovercraft
hope you got some useful information out of it.
of watch the videos at my channel
william bond

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