How to Draw the Four Elements in Alchemy

Introduction: How to Draw the Four Elements in Alchemy

About: An alchemist in training, still learning the basics. If you'd like to learn I'll tell you what I know, as long as you don't ask me if this has anything to do with FMA.

Hello everyone, I'm making this instructable to inform you about symbols, but first, I need to address something. If you've ever heard or know about TheGuerrillaAlchemist then you probably know what I'm talking about, I've just recently been taking an interest in alchemy and when I stumbled upon TheGuerrillaAlchemist, I loved their instructables, they've put me on the path that I'm exploring now and I really am enjoying it. However, I then noticed their comment about quitting this website which has been up for a year since then (at the time I'm writing this), so I took it upon myself to try to carry their work and share my knowledge with you, I'm excited to start this project of mine, I will be posting instructables on here as much as I possibly can and am going try to reply to all of your guys' questions to the best of my knowledge. This is just an introduction so if you want me to make a post about a specific topic please comment or PM me if you feel so. Thanks for reading! and have a nice day! (or night).

(please remember that the idea of alchemy is to be kept secret and so I may not be able to give a complete answer to all of the questions you'll have but I'll tell you what I can)

Step 1: Earth

Now we are going to get into the main point of this instructable, ALCHEMICAL SYMBOLS!!!! The first symbol we will be reviewing is EARTH! Earth is has three different ways of being drawn, the first is very simple you begin with an upside down triangle, then, you just draw a line through the bottom half. It doesn't really matter where you draw it as long as it is on the lower half of the triangle. The next variation is very similar besides the fact that instead of drawing the line through the triangle, you keep it confined within the border of the triangle. So finally comes the 3rd version, this is very is similar to version 2 except that in this one there is a line going from the center of the bottom line to the top of the triangle. Now to explain when we say "earth" it doesn't mean the planet of course, but the element, things like dirt, sand, gravel, etc. They all mean the same earth, however, the 3rd version is a more modern version of the symbol.

Step 2: Water

Next comes WATER!!!! The first variation of the symbol for water is very easy to draw, it's quite simply just an upside down triangle, that's it, just an upside down triangle... THE NEXT VERSION, like the 3rd version of earth, is just a more modern version of the symbol. I hope you know what water is. :D

Step 3: Fire

Now we come to FIRE!!!! Fire, which in my opinion, is the easiest to draw, or at least the first one. The first variation of fire is really just a triangle. The third version is similar, but different in it that it has a second triangle inside the top half of it, this is also a more modern version of the symbol (I'm starting to sense a theme here).

Step 4: Air

FINALLY!!! We arrive at AIR!!!! Air is drawn the same way as earth, but upside down, this holds true with version 1 and 2, 3 however is different, it's starts off as 1 but the right side of the line that goes through the upper half curves down and into the side of the triangle, and yes, it is a more modern version of the symbol.

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    4 years ago

    All this stuff is really facinating,but are these symbols used in Transmutaion circles/alchmey circles?


    4 years ago

    Looks great!