Police Siren Circuit Using 555 Timer IC




Introduction: Police Siren Circuit Using 555 Timer IC

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We are going to make a Police Siren Circuit using two 555 timer IC. The circuit will produce an up-down wailing sound from the speaker. We will be using two 555 timer IC, so the circuit will be bit complex to make. We will fire first 555 is wired as a low frequency oscillator to control the voltage control pin 5 of the second 555. The voltage shift on pin 5 makes the frequency of the second oscillator to rise and fall. I will explain each step in detail with step wise execution and instructions of the circuit.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

For this circuit, you will need these components:

  • Mini Breadboard - 1
  • 9V battery - 1
  • Wire Stripper - 1
  • Battery Snapper - 1
  • Nose Plier - 1
  • 555 timer IC - 2
  • 68K Resistor - 1
  • 1K Resistor - 1
  • 10K Resistor - 3
  • 10uf Capacitor - 2
  • 100n capacitor - 2
  • Speaker - 1

Step 2: Schematic

Keep the circuit diagram handy. While making the breadboard connection, please check your connections with the circuit diagram. It will help you to avoid any errors on breadboard.

Step 3: Video

Watch this video and follow the step by step instructions to make the circuit on breadboard.

Step 4: Breadboard Image

Use this breadboard image for your reference.

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    5 Discussions


    Question 8 months ago on Step 3

    I connected the same circuit shown in the video but not getting siren? can anyone help me out please


    Question 8 months ago on Step 3

    Jump wires in not necessary ...What we have to take sir. Instead of that


    Question 12 months ago on Step 2

    How many voltage value capacitor use in siren


    3 years ago

    Could always use a 556 timer to simplify the parts count. And it sounds more like a British siren then a simple American siren.


    Reply 3 years ago


    Thanks for suggestion. But here the general idea is not to simplify circuit or to make something. The general idea is to teach basic electronics, breadboard skill, hand eye coordination and have fun while doing that.