Introduction: Introduction to ZenDoodling (How to Start)

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A zen doodle is a stress reliever which makes you doodle without a particular picture
A zen doodle is very detailed
Another doodle is called a zen tangle

Step 1: Materials




White paper

Step 2: Starting

A zen doodle is started with a basic animal, letter, etc.
Do this with pencil and outline with pen
Erase the pencil marks
In the animal, which I chose bird, I used a pen with black ink
Zen doodles are never done in color
I started doing flowers and many shapes and patterns
I filled the entire bird with shapes and patterns until very little white was showing
On photo 6, I used a person and filled her hair in patterns
On photo 13, I did no letter or animal
You can do an entire sheet of paper with a flower design which I did on photo 13
If you want to try another type of doodle, there is the zen tangle
A zen tangle is a little similar to a zen doodle
A zen tangle uses animals of people
The object is filled with patterns, no shapes or flowers
A zentangle is drawn on a square
It is meant to make you create without thinking
It is a highly focussed process

Step 3: Results

I hope you will follow these tips to learn how to zen doodle/zentangle