Introduction: Introduction and Supplies

This machine is to help people with arthritis do daily tasks, such as pouring milk into a bowl. This can cause pain for many people with arthritis, and can end in milk being spilled and extreme joint pain. This machine is supposed to lessen the joint pain, and hinder any milk from spilling.



- Ply wood (5mm thick)

- Strong rubber bands

- Velcro strips

- Wood glue

- Super glue


- Scroll saw

- Scissors

Step 1: Cutting

First, cut 3 pieces of 5mm thick plywood 320mm x 225mm with a scroll saw.

Then, cut 2 more pieces of plywood, but this time 30mm x 225mm with a scroll saw.

Next, cut out a net of a ramp out of plywood in the measurements below. Then cut out the individual pieces of the ramp from the net with a scroll saw.

Lastly, cut out 4 strips of 150mm long elastic, and 1 250mm long strip of velcro with scissors.

Step 2: Assembling

Take the wood glue, and assemble the three big wooden rectangles in a "U" shape (one base, two sides).

To make the ramp, use the wood glue to individually assemble the pieces until it looks like the picture above.

Glue the two smaller wooden strips to the top of each empty side , creating a type of barrier.

Put some wood glue on the bottom edges of the ramp, and glue it centred on the base of the box.

Lastly, staple the thick rubber bands to each top corner. Use staples again to connect the velcro strip. Above is an image of what the finished product should be similar to.