Introduction to Ballet Basics: Positions

Introduction: Introduction to Ballet Basics: Positions

The following instructions are created to help you improve your basic ballet knowledge by teaching the positions that will be used throughout the entirety of your dancing career. 

Step 1: First Position: Front

Feet: To create first position, put both of your feet together facing forward. Then, turn your feet out until they line up with your hips. By doing this, you are now in first position. 

Arms: You arms should be low, making almost an "O" shape.

Step 2: First Position:Behind

A view of fist position from behind.

Step 3: Second Position: Front

Feet: From first position, take your left foot and step directly out about 12 inches. This is second position. 

Arms: Open your arms out from first position. It should look like you are going to hug someone. 

Step 4: Second Position: Back

View of second position from the back. 

Step 5: Third Position: Front

Feet: From second position, move your right foot into the middle of your left foot, almost making a "T" shape. 

Arms: Leave your left arm out, but bring in your right arm over you head, making half of an "O" shape. 

Step 6: Third Position: Back

A view of third position from the back. 

Step 7: Fourth Position: Front

Feet: Drag your right foot forward from third position until your foot is about 12 inches away from your body. Point your toe. 

Arms: From third, bring your right arm in front of your body, extended out, still creating the half of an "O" shape. Leave your left arm in the same position as it was in third position. 

Step 8: Fourth Position: Back

A view of fourth position from the back. 

Step 9: Fifth Position: Front

Feet: Drag in your right foot from fourth position until your heel touches the toes of your left foot. This is fifth position.

Arms: Bring your left arm up to meet your right, creating a whole "O" shape. 

Step 10: Fifth Position: Back

A view of fifth position from the back. 

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    6 years ago

    Nice instructable! Just so you know your feet are in fifth position in the picture in step 2.


    8 years ago

    So cool. I'm always trying to find cool ways to do it.