Introduction: Introduction to Basic Chinese

According to a research, there are approximately 1.5 billion people speaking Chinese around the world. Also, there are more people starting to learn Chinese every year. Chinese is very useful, and it contains so much culture. Therefore, it would be beneficial to a person if learning Chinese. There are several branches of Chinese, which we call them – dialect. The dialects are formed about hundreds of years ago. It is a very important aspect of Chinese culture. Each dialect has different pronunciation and meanings. So, in order to make it easy, we will only learn Mandarin today, which is the most basic one.

Step 1: Alphabet

Likewise English, Chinese has alphabet table as well. It contains most of letter from English, and it has compound letters. We will use the alphabet to learn the pronunciation of each word. After you know how to read the alphabet, you will be able to read every word by looking up dictionary. So, it will be very important to learn it well. Now, let’s look at the alphabet and see how to pronounce them.

Step 2: Pronunciation

Now, we’ve already known how to pronounce each letter, so we will be able to read the word. Most of words’ pronunciation are pronounced by the combination of initial consonant and compound vowel or simple vowel. Now, let’s look at the video and see some examples.

Pronunciation is very important when learning a new language. Please remember to keep practicing it.

Step 3: Greetings!

Once you meet a friend, you might want to greet with him or her. So now, you will see some sentences about greetings in this video. It will contain some very basic sentences but useful.

Step 4: Menu

Let’s learn something very useful! In the following video, you will see a sample menu. Let’s try to read it! You might know these foods already, but you never know their Chinese names. We will learn some names of dishes today so that you will be able to order the food in Chinese next time.

Step 5: Conversation

At last, let’s practice and review what we learn today! You will see a conversation in the next video, and it will cover most of things we learned today and also something we didn’t mention. This conversation happens in a restaurant between a customer and a waitress.

Step 6: Conclusion

Chinese is very popular all over the world. Also, China has a long history, and you will be able to learn a lot if you know Chinese quite well. My suggestion on learning foreign language is to read more books and listen to Chinese music. The best approach to practice it is to find a native speaker to help you. Be acquainted with a foreign language could be very helpful in life or business. I hope you will be interested in learning a new language after looking at my instruction