Introduction: Introduction to Maxthon 3 (advanced Webbrowser)

Hi everyone!

This is my first 'ible and it is about Maxthon 3!
I will be working with version .
First of all this browser is windows only, sorry mac and linux! (and any other OS there is)

Maxthon is a multitasking webbrowser with dual engines, this means it is one of the first allround browsers that can view old and new webpages. I will be explaining all the features that I know off , although I wont be able to explain in detail for some features.

I'll sum up some of the (my) most used features.
  • Cloud saving. (will go in detail about this)
  • Speed dail. (newest addon to the browser)
  • Magic fill. (autofill function for passwords and other possible sections)
  • Snap feature. (advanced prt scr with edit features! )
  • Mouse gestures. (a very neat gesture is within these hidden!)
  • Hotkeys.
  • Fullscreen and splitscreen.
  • Reader mode. (+night mode)
  • Developers tools. (mighty little tool for the webdevs among us and also for others)
  • Favorites manager.
  • ...
This is by far everything and there is still more in development!
this 'ible is also being worked on.

Step 1: General Overview of Maxthon

In this step I'll try to explain the most basic and neat features there are.
This step will include:
  • Cloud saving.
  • Speed dail.
  • Options screen.

Cloud saving:

Cloud saving is a feature from Maxthon 1. It has been arround for a long time.
It saves your favorites and misc options on an external host that is connected to your account.
In other words when you are busy on another computer and it has maxthon or you have it on a portable device (maxthon can also be portable) you will be able to go onto your account , download your favorites and browse like you do at home.

Speed dail:

Speed dail lets you set your most used webpages onto icons. Just click and go. Presets are already installed.

Options screen:

There is alot to talk about on this subject.

  • General: what happens on startup (new page and alike)
  • Favorites: multicolum and compact option
  • Search engine: Here you can set your default search engine and add a new one if you wish. Also note maxthon multisearch It does what the tin says.
  • Tab bar: how new tabs open (right next to current or at the end) and closing options.
  • Smart address bar: on or off option. how many search results. favorites included or not.
  • Navigation: Now this is a noteworthy one , though I do not use it alot. here you can set aliases to your fav pages.
    IE: let's take,  somewhat long , now what if you could just change it to " ible " , well you can!
  • Page settings: default zoom (great for those with bad eyesight) . popup button. default quicksave image folder.
  • Magic fill: If you have ever worked with a autofill password program you will understand this very well.
    This basically saves your passwords and account names for various sites. Of course the passwords are protected with you maxthon accounts password. though! It isn't a security program!
  • shortcut keys: does what the tin says.
  • Security: safe url checker.
  • Maxthon downloader: does what the tin says.
  • Proxy: does what the tin says.
  • Mouse gestures: A ton of mouse gesture options with one very notable down - left mousestroke: this one allows you to reopen last closed page (this is the same like back button but for pages! if you closed 5 pages or more you can reopen them!)
  • Miscellaneous: spell check in 9 languages ! translation tool. And well.. Misc..
  • Advanced: custom cache folder. encoding (if you are in another part of the world you can change encoding). and some other.