Introduction: Intruder Detection Calling System

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I have made a simple device called "Intruder Detection Calling System" using arduino. This device sends a call on the telephone number feeded in the code, whenever it senses any movement. It is a portable device which can be easily installed on the main gate of the house. It is useful when the residents have gone out and the house is empty. In such a scenario, if somebody tries to break in, my device can sense movement and alert the owner by sending a call on his mobile phone.

Step 1: Material Required

  1. Arduino uno / nano - I have used arduino nano in my device but it should work perfectly with arduino uno as well.
  2. A bread-board for mounting arduino nano
  3. PIR sensor
  5. A SIM card
  6. Some male to female wires
  7. A 9 Volt battery
  8. 9V battery cap with DC barrel

I bought all these materials from Makerskart.

Step 2:

The number of the SIM card that you'll be using in the device should be saved in the contact list of the house owner. It can be saved as " Somebody's trying to break in" or "Alert!!" or whatever the owner feels like.

Step 3: Assembling the Device

Connecting SIM900 GSM/GPRS MODEM W/RS232 with Arduino

SIM900 GSM/GPRS MODEM W/RS232 -- Arduino

RX -- D10

TX -- D9


Connecting PIR Sensor with Arduino

PIR Sensor -- Arduino

VCC -- 5 V

OUT -- D5


Step 4:

  • After the wiring is complete, insert the SIM card in SIM900 GSM/GPRS MODEM W/RS232.
  • Power the SIM900 GSM/GPRS MODEM W/RS232 with the help of the 9V battery.
  • Once powered, the green LED on the MODEM blinks repeatedly. However, when the MODEM detects a mobile network, the green LED on it blinks once in every 3 seconds. Now, the MODEM is ready for use.
  • Next, power the arduino.

Step 5: Uploading the File

Once everything is ready, open your arduino IDE, choose the correct board, processor (if required), port and upload the file which has been attached.

Step 6: Intruder Detection Calling System - Functioning Successfully

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