Introduction: Intruder Detector

First, get the following supplies:

Arduino Board



Jumper Wires


Green LED

2 220 ohm Resistors

Four Pin HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

Step 1: UltraSonic Sensor

The wiring for the Ultrasonic sensor is as follows:

VCC: Voltage (5V)

GND: Ground

Trig: Arduino Pin 12

Echo: Arduino Pin 13

Step 2: Servo

The Servo wiring is as follows:

Brown Wire: Ground

Red Wire: Voltage (5V)

Yellow Wire: Arduino Pin 9

Step 3: The LEDs

The orange wire (shown in the pic) connects to arduino pin 3, and the green green connects to ground. The wiring is the exact same for the red LED, except that the orange wire is connected to pin 2.

Step 4: The Code

Step 5: Finished Product

This is the finished product! You can set this up anywhere and detect things now!