Introduction: Intruder Sensor

catch any body sneaking into your room!

Step 1: Materials

1. arduino UNO

2. bread board

3. green LED

4. red LED

5. two resistor

6. servo motor

7. ultra sonic sensor

8. jumper wires

Step 2: The Ultra Sonic Sensor

1. put sensor in spot J14 -J17

2. wire Gnd to the Gnd rail

3. wire echo to pin 13

4. wire trig to pin 12

5. wire vcc to 5v

6. wire Vcc to 5v rail

Step 3: Servo

1.brown wire goes to the ground rail

2. red wire goes to the 5v rail

3. yellow wire goes to pin 9

Step 4: LEDs

1. insert ground foot in front ground rail

2. put resistors on positive leg

3. run wire from the end of resistors (green pin 3) (red pin 2)

Step 5: Programming

1. go to the site and run the code on your UNO

2. when you get to the website Download the app so it will run

3. go to the top right side and select Arduino UNO

4. once you have all that done verify then run code on UNO

5. also make sure that you are on the right com.

Note: this may not work if you do not have an account on

shout out to code bender!