Invasion Minigame

Introduction: Invasion Minigame

This is a minigame where you defend a villager from zombies.

You can download the map!

Step 1: The Room in Which You Start.

You might start in Creative mode, so simply switch to Survival (/gamemode 0)

Select the difficulty you want to play in and how many players are playing (some features such as a higher difficulty for more players haven't been implemented yet)

Step 2: Play the Game!

Tip: You can buy many items from the villager with the rotten flesh the zombies drop!

Once you have set the options (difficulty, amount of players), hit play!

Zombies will begin to spawn after a while. Defend the villager!

See how far you can get and tell everyone your highscore!

Some notes:

- Please leave suggestions as to how to improve the game!

- There may be glitches that need to be fixed, please let me know of any you find.

- Zombies come in waves, and there is a brief period where you are safe between them. For the timers I used chickens and pigs in cobwebs above pressure plates triggering command blocks which execute some commands (and kill the mob) and then re-summon the mobs.

- You can choose which way you want to play: saying that you lost as soon as your villager dies, or saying that you lost as soon as you die, or saying that you lost as soon as you die after the villager dies. If you comment your high score, please say which way you played (when you considered yourself to have lost), the difficulty you played on, AND how many players you played with (solo, with someone else, etc.)

Step 3: Appreciate the Command Blocks!

I used a lot of command blocks to make this work, more than I showed in the screenshots. Thanks, command blocks!

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    5 years ago

    very cool even though I have not downloaded it yet. :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    If you haven't already, you really should :D


    Reply 5 years ago