Introduction: Invention to Solve Waste Creation (Silly Solutions)

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Hello, my name is Juiee. I am currently in grade 6, and will be going to grade 7. I have been using Tinkercad since last year and have enjoyed using it ever since! I am part of a 3D Printing Commitee at my school, and I love creating and helping others with making Tinkercad designs and printing them. As part of this contest, I have created my very own imaginative Silly Solution to solve Waste Creation!

My Silly Solution:

Click the link above to view my Silly Solution in 3D! Here is a quick description of my solution:

My Silly Solution is called The Ultimate Bio-degrader, which solves the global issue of Waste Creation. My solution can convert any kind of plastic into a biodegradeble bag. Biodegradeble bags are eco-friendly and don't produce any waste. Also, if these bags ARE wasted they would biodegrade into the Earth (with no harm to the Earth, unlike plastic)! In order for the invention to work, the plastic is inserted in the Input and the biodegradeble bag will come out of the Output.

My Thinking Process:

Waste Creation is a huge issue worldwide and I thought that I can help to solve the issue using Tinkercad. I did some research and discovered that plastic and biodegradeble bags have one ingrediant in common: Oil. Hence, my Silly Solution can actually work!

Step 1: Cylinder Body + Lid


The cylinder is the body of the invention. This is where the Input, Output and process of conversion (plastic to biodegradeble bag) are located! The body is the main part of the entire design.

Dimensions: -

- Height: 71

- Diameter: 50


The lid is a "special feature" to the design. It is an optional piece to the design.

Step 2: Output (Tube Funnel)


The output (tube funnel) is a crucial part of the design. This is where the biodegradeble bag will come out.

Dimensions: -

- Height: 41

- Diameter of small circle (front): 31

- Diameter of larger circle (back): 40

Step 3: Extra Features (i.e. Words)

Extra Features:

The extra features are optional, just like the lid. You can include any words or images as per your wish. Just experiment and have fun!


Thank You for taking the time to read my Instructable. I hope you liked my Tinkercad design and Silly Solution! Be sure to vote for me for the contest!
- Juiee :)

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