Introduction: Inventor Sweeping

During this tutorial, you will gain experience using Extrude, Sweep, Revolve, Hole, Chamfer and Fillet Features. You will also share sketches and work with 2D Constraints. Be sure to only use the Dimensions provided.

Step 1: Create the First 2D Sketch

Step 2: Create the Extrude Feature As Shown

Step 3: Create a New 2D Sketch on an Origin Plane That Is Perpendicular to the Base 2D Sketch

Step 4: Create the New 2D Sketch As Shown

Step 5: Turn on Sketch1 Visibility

Step 6: Create the Sweep Feature As Shown

Step 7: Turn on Sketch2 Visibility

Step 8: Create the Revolve Feature As Shown

Step 9: Apply the Chamfer Feature As Shown

Step 10: Create the Hole Feature As Shown

Step 11: Create the Circular Pattern As Shown

Step 12: Apply the Fillet Features As Shown

Step 13: Change Appearances As Desired - You're Finished!