Introduction: Inverted Aura Unit

Inverted Aura is a literal name. It's a spinoff of an Aura unit with double rings in the center and singles all around.

Step 1: I'll Assume.....

... you have basic chainmaille construction knowledge. If you haven't at least made a patch of E 4-1 and a chain of Byzantine, back up and learn about selecting pliers, handling rings and aspect ratio. If this makes sense to you, then let's get to it!

Step 2: Correct Sized Rings

You will need two ring sizes. They should be the same gauge, or very close. The ideal AR of the large ring is 5 (2 closed and 3 open) and small ring is 4 (2 closed and 4 open). Opening the 4 open small rings wider than usual is helpful as they fit in a tight place.

Step 3: Most Difficult Part Isn't That Hard

Make a 3-2 unit with 3 large rings and 2 small rings. The small rings should rest snugly on the stacked large rings. If they don't, no amount of tinkering will make this work. Move the small rings to either end of the stack and push the middle large ring away from the other large rings. Arrange the small rings where they rest through the eye created.

Step 4: Make a Duck and Add the Second Outer Ring

Snag that single large ring and grasp it tightly. Open the other two large rings and place a large ring inside. Close the duckbill and hold the loose large ring in place. Grab a small ring with your pliers and wiggle it into one side of the eye created. Do the same thing on the other side. Push the second outer ring close to the first to make room for the third.

Step 5: Add Another Closed Ring

In the space created add another closed large ring.

Step 6: Lock It in

Place an open small ring in one side of the eye created. Close it. Repeat on the other side of the same eye.

Step 7: Many Uses

As with all chainmaille, this unit can be used many ways. It works particularly well in shorter necklaces and earrings. You can add beads and place the small rings different ways. It can even be made into a sheet. Happy mailleing!